Monday, September 13, 2010

Letting My Creativity Get the Better of Me.

I haven't been ignoring you all... honest.

It's just...


I found a new love...


And so when I'm not pimpin' it on a corner for The Queen, or bailing out The Dutch... or trying to bribe Amy into stealing the good shit from CB...

I've been getting my creativity on.

I know you're all just dying to see the results of my artistic genius...

So... with nothing of humor, wit or intellect to type... I'll leave you with a few pictures.

copyright 2010 PWT
Thinking of Him
(at least that was the title of the photo I sketched this from)
This was just a 20 minute sketch I did.  Then I blew it up, mod-podged it on canvas and repainted the girl in acrylic.

Inner Peace
copyright 2010 PWT
Don't give me too much credit on this one.  I didn't draw anything.  I created this as a digital collage.  I then blew it up and Mod-Podged to canvas.  I painted the orange and blue with some old nail polish and then did all the black and white work with acrylic paint.  This now hangs in my upstairs office with my Buddha collection.  And yes... the symbol means 'inner peace' and I do sit there and stare at it when I'm in desperate need of finding some.

These are both on 16 x 20 inch canvas.  I intend to do more of these... they're so much fun.

The best part is the fact that they offer nearly instant artistic gratification... unlike my detailed drawings that take me days/weeks/months... and then never get finished because I lose interest (it's the ADHD!)

Okay, so the Buddha actually took me about 12 hours to paint, but only because I messed up the background and had to redo it!  I could recreate it in about 4 (probably)

Anyway... I'm not bragging or anything.  After all... it's just painting over a printout I did on the computer...  but I though some of you might enjoy a visual of why I've been MIA for a week.

But for the nay-sayers out there (who seem to be trolling around lately) I'll give you one last glimpse at my art... so you don't go thinking I'm a total hack...

copyright 2010 PWT
Mixed Media: Oil Pastel, Marker, and Nail Enamel on poster board.  Completely freehand.  And if you think his head is a little big... you're right.  It was the perspective I was holding the board as I drew him... I need to invest in an easel.

And if you prefer a good old portrait...
copyright 2010 PWT
Here's a piece of work I've been trying to do since March.  It's a good friend's daughter... when it's all finished she'll be staring at a baby dragon coming out of a butterfly chrysalis.  (the line through her cheek is the result of having to scan it in pieces because it's too big for my scanner).

Okay... now I'm bragging!!  YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!!!  This one is actually quite an accomplishment because I never thought I was very good at portraits.  Now if I could just find the nerve to finish it.
Now get off the frigging computer and go do something productive...
Or in the very least go pull your wieght on a street corner so The Queen won't be all over my ass for exercising my creative bone instead of entertaining some John!

Have a wonderful week!!

All images copyrighted... The Royal Family will have you fed to the gators if you even think about stealing them.


  1. I DOOOO love it bitch! Totally fucking jealous! And everyone thinks I have talent... What the fuck?

    Missed you slut! And WHEN did you start having that bitch steal from me??? When did you conspire against me with her instead of US and the Queen???

    Heart broken... STEALING the Royalty shirt now.

  2. I love it!!! You need to make a sketch of my little brat! weren't suppose to rat me out about stealin from CB! Shit! Now I am going to have a 6 in heel up my ass!

  3. Well... the truth is... The Queen keeps stealing back the shit that I'm stealing with you... and I've gotta make up the loss somewhere. The Queen and Dutch keep Amy flat broke so stealing from you is a last resort. Sucks to be the 2nd born!!

    I'm not worried... I hired a hot gay guy (so as not to be seduced by your charms) to guard my shirt!

  4. Amy - I don't care if she IS family... if she's shoving 6 inches of anything up your ass you better get paid!! LOL

  5. WOW! Those are great! I really need to find a talent...wait, you're born with that, right? :(

  6. Fanfuckingtastic, I love modgepodge. You are amazing, so talented. I need some new canvas for the castle walls...hint hint

    I heart your face

  7. Easy 1...2...3. Read and write your own article. A new collabrative dimension -

  8. Donda - Psst... it's not all it's cracked up to be. Most people never get lucky enough to make a dime off their 'talent'. But art is my anti-homocide most days. If you don't have one of those you should talk to CB... she's an expert at hiding the bodies!

    Dutch - What is it with the Royal family trying to take my shit? The Queen hated that girl when she was a 'dirty, hairy sketch' and now she wants to buy it. Now you think you need some too? Someone better be covering my street corner if I'm providing palace decor. And one of the girls is going to have to blow the guy at Hobby Lobby so I can get more canvas. I'm on a 'call me' list when they come in, but they've been out for a month!

    E - Is that spam? Did you just spam a Royal? Have you lost your god forsaken mind? Oh HELL TO THE NO!! Where the hell did I put my good stilettos?!?!

  9. You are very talented. I am always envious of people who have artistic talent, and I am green. What is modpodge though?

  10. I LOVE MODPODGE its the coolest shit ever!

    And your work is phenom! So glad you shared!

  11. SoccerMom - Thank you much!

    Mike - Modpodge is basically white glue. Paint on adhesive that dries clear.

    Daffy - I know right... Modpodge rocks my socks!! Thanks :D

    Thank you all... I'm very glad you like the work.

  12. I personally think you art sucks..and your true talent is on the street corner.. get your ass back to work bitch..

    heart your skanky face..
    Mom mie

  13. Folks,, you have to daughters where Freshmen in high school. I was taking them to school when I asked them if they studied for their test..

    They said no.. we just didn't wear panties today..

    yea... for real... that's what they told me..

  14. I damn near killed us all I was laughing so hard,, while trying to keep the truck out of the ditch..

  15. Great work! You are an amazing artist! The Queen should be so proud!