Friday, May 7, 2010

If this was Oz...

There would be more people with


(enough said)


  1. Oh no...

    Did someone forget what the doctor told them at least 100 times bitch????

    NO hard alcohol with the crazy meds! Beer... BUT no hard liquor!

    What dumb fuck screwed with you now? And when should we schedule the ass kicking?

  2. No one's messing with me. This post is simply a combination of work and Walmart. That explains it right?

    A woman is staring at a sign on the door so I stop to help her. She says, "This is a very nice sign. I meant to copy it while I was staying here." ... ... ... it was the "In Case of Fire" sign.

    Walking through Walmart: I'm wearing black slacks, a cleavage bearing punk guitar tee, and my rock star sunglasses on my head. A woman stops to ask me if I work there... ... ... Serious? I would expect that in Hot Topic or the Gentleman's Club... but Walmart?

    This whole week has been mind-blowingly stupid! I don't even have vulgarity for it because I want to start handing out helmets and escourting people onto a bus to lick windows!

    But if we're in the mood for an ass-kicking we could always drive to Dodge and kick my ex-husband's ass. Not that he's worth the trip, just some cheap entertainment :)

  3. Are we still wanting to kick his ass? WOW.. it's not nice to make fun of him.. he belongs on the short bus with a helmut.. and you know what I have told you about people like that..

    Don't make fun of them.. they are fun to watch work!

  4. Brains!? Where do we get some?