Friday, June 11, 2010

Day Off (continued)

Like I said... I sort of had a day off on Tuesday.  And while we had a great evening (despite the stupid meeting) it totally threw me off for Wednesday.  I was beat!  I didn't even get off the couch until 11 am (except to cater to the toddlers milk/food requests because she needs that shit or something!)

So yeah... did I get more spinach planted?  No...
did I get the laundry done?  No...
did I clean anything?  No...
I did clean out the craft cabinet and organize my art supplies then started to tackle the linen closet.  But considering this whole project took something like 10 hours, never got finished, and ultimately left a bigger mess than I had to start with... I'd say it's a fail for the day.

I didn't even feel like checking facebook!
(yeah, I thought about calling a doctor!)

Wednesday was just shot!

The accomplishment of the day was taking a bath!


But here my darling readers is the visual glimpse into Tuesday.  I wanted to post them with Tueday's post, but I had to wait until today to get the pic of me from my coworker.  Better late than never.

That's right... total HOTNESS!!
The hair could use a trim and new dye, but I'm holding off for a bit longer.
But seriously... does that look 30?  I don't think so.  I think they screwed up on my birth certificate!  The Queen is totally scandelous like that!  I'm sure there's a mistake because I do not FEEL 30!

And yes... I suppose I'll show off Prince Charming with his mini-helper!
Looks just like him doesn't she? 
 Acts like him too. 
Certainly doesn't have my charming personality! 
I keep trying to tell him he cheated on me and she's not really my kid, but he continues to deny this scenerio.

I was so looking forward to an easy day of work today, but some dumbass at the front desk decided 'we have empty rooms... we should sell them!'... What did that mean for housekeeping?  Instead of 60 rooms for 6 housekeepers with mostly stayovers... we ended up with 98 rooms with mostly due outs!  14 rooms each (thanks to laundry who filled in cleaning and spared us each 2 more rooms!)  It totally bit balls!

On the bright side... the boss complimented me today on my beds.  This is a woman who hands out compliments like they were gold bullion!  I can literally count the number of times she's complimented my work... on one hand!  Today she told me my beds were PERFECT!  Not good... not nice... PERFECT!  And not just one... ALL OF THEM!  I about fainted!  (It's seriously that rare!)  My conclusion... she must have got laid!

So here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.  After today, mine should be a cake walk!  The hotel is booked so the greedy bastards at front desk can't surprise us by selling more rooms (unless they start renting out the roof!).  So here's to people who leave the do not disturb sign up all day or only want towels tomorrow.  The rest of them are assholes!


  1. Ha ha very funny post. I hope some of those ass holes leave you a tip. Nice pic, you are a total MILF! No comment on PC except to say he is a lucky guy.

  2. Sad to waste all the hottness on a work mtg. Whenever I stay at a hotel I always wonder what the housekeepers wish we would do.(Maybe you can give us tips) My hsb laughs at me because I put all the towels in one pile so they just have to pick up in one swoop..not sure it helps

  3. jo,,,, it so does.... thank you...


    Damnit! No wonder YOU always bring in more money on Friday night!!!

    HOly fuck balls, I need a trim too... the longer my shit gets the FLUFFIER it gets until I end up looking like a poodle.

  5. LOVE the haircut!!! LOVE IT!!!


  6. Very funny! Love the pics and looks like kiddo is a mini me version of Prince Charming. LOL.

  7. That would have been a great day for OC...Go to work with Mommy AND Daddy....She is a cutie!

  8. Mike - They didn't, thank you and yes... yes he is!

    Jo - It was such a shame... but the next post is for you.

    CB - No shit right? I know it's time to trim mine when I start looking like a chia pet!

    Kelly - Thanks. I love it.

    MF - I know. I swear I only keep him around because he makes cute kids and I might want another one someday.

    Granny - She wasn't really impressed with work. She was more interested in the promise of going to the park and Daddy's lemonade! Go figure.