Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

I refuse to celebrate "Father's Day".  It takes more than conception to be a father.  The man who provided half of my DNA is still alive and happily celebrating this day with his current wife and children.  As one of his first seven 'neglected' children, I hold a slight bit of spite about this.  For the last 15 years I have celebrated nothing about my official paternity.  Biologically, I might be half of his genetics... but he is NOT the man who made me half of what I am.

That task was left to someone much better...
pencil sketch I drew of...

The man who taught me everything he knew about the cattle industry.
He's the reason I work as hard as any man.
The reason I don't tolerate crap from anyone.
The reason I can appreciate old western movies.
He's the reason I can fix a fence, drive a tractor, and throw a hay bale.
The reason I read all the fine print when it comes to money.
The reason I love a good steak.
He loved me even though he didn't have to.
(And even though he didn't say it often.)

He taught me how to change a tire (if there's a backhoe handy).
Always reminded me to check the fluids.
And told me not to come home with anything penicillin couldn't cure.

My DAD was the greatest man I ever knew.
We miss him very much.

(Someone please get a tissue for The Queen because that sappy shit makes her leak!)

That being said... here's to the second greatest man in my life!
Prince Charming
Who blessed me with a beautiful, brilliant, and hilarious daughter.
While this amazing task is worthy of being the GREATEST man in my life... the fact that it came with 9 months of misery, stretch marks, and constant lip has cost him that first place ribbon.  But as far as runner's up go... he's a pretty good catch!

So last night I cleaned all the dishes and did all the laundry (tasks he usually does while I'm at work) so he could enjoy a relaxing day with his daughter.  I kept the demon-spawn awake until 3:30 AM in the hopes she'd sleep in.  I also helped her make a card for Daddy by having her trace letters.  Then we hid it so she could find it and give it to Daddy all by herself without Mommy.  She did just that at 7 o'clock this morning... so much for Daddy's child-free morning.

But still, I think they had a great day because they were both wired for sound when I got home from work.

So to all the fathers who are also great DADS... here's hoping that you had a wonderful day!
To all the fathers who think their only responsibility was getting the sperm into the womb... you don't deserve kids, let alone a holiday!

Just remember... much like Mother's Day... it's all over at midnight!


  1. I almost didn't click on this cause I knew.. I just fucking knew.. but it was worth it to see that Prince is having a great Father's day.. and you were able to post.. a loving honor to your Daddy.. and a FUCK YOU to your father.. and you learned that.. without my input... all your naughty thoughts of dickwad.. you did on your own.. he he..

  2. Very nice tribute and oh so true!

  3. Nice post to your Daddy! Glad you had someone in your life who really cared and that Prince has enjoyed his fathers day, love the pictures!

  4. Aw PWT, I'm not used to you getting all sentimental and mushy. Very nice sentiment.

  5. Awwww bitch. Don't get me all weepy and shit.

    I heart your face!

  6. oh wow! That was so beautiful I got goose bumps! And that sketch you did is AMAZING!!! You are so talented.