Friday, June 25, 2010

Remodeling the Palace!

It's my day off and frankly I'm in no mood to do anything.

Lucky for me, the local hooligans came over to play with the toddler and after two hours of trying to keep up with the 'big girls' the demon is passed out.

I've been working on a remodel off and on for about a week now and I think I've got enough of it done to display it.  So that's how I spent my day of (since Mom and CB are whoring it up at Prom!)

Hope you like the new look... (if not you can suck a dick because it's staying... for awhile at least!)

Make a special note of the new buttons for the Royal Bloggers ------>
And my new OFFICIAL blog badge which I totally expect you to steal!!!

Have a great weekend...
and if you're in Kansas stay away from Manhattan.  It's the Annual Hickville Redneck Reunion (aka Country Stampede!)  Need a visual on that?  It's Woodstock for Hillbillies!!  Complete with 150 half-naked tweenie-whores trying to score an STD badge and an equal number of Walmart Whales trying to 'bring sexy back'!!!  Add in 50 beer runs/hour, several gun toting 'patriots', and the blaring 'I shot your dog you cheating bastard' songs... needless to say every metalhead in a 50 mile radius is hiding out in their basement with a blunt because it's fucking scary out there!


  1. HEY YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!! I am sooooo going to Country Stampede!!!!

  2. Yeah, fucking right! You know my ass better than to do that retarded bullshit...

    You and the rest of the Royal Bitches would be bailing my ass out of jail within an hour of being there! Then we'd be kicking some cops ass for stealing my stilettos!

    Told Queen whore that if she steals Prom Queen from me, we'll be out for blood...

    Figure we''l stop hooking for a weekend and make her go without Gin!!! See how the twat likes that shit!!!

    LOVE the new layout slut! SOOOO stealing your idea about the Royal Family... I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it. I knew I didn't want a separate page... Yours is PERFECT!!!!

  3. I've been twice... but since I divorced the gun toting 'patriot' and married a metalhead, I no longer have anyone to go with. So I stay home with my blunt :D

  4. LOVE the new layout. I'm thinking of stealing the royal family thingy too....if I can sobrer up long enough to figure the fucking thing out.

    AND, you two girls give me advanced warning if you're going to stop hooking for a weekend & make the queen go without her gin. I need time to get the hell out of Dodge because she'll make me resume to turning tricks to support her goddamn habit.

    And frankly? I'm not young anymore. My "crown jewel" just can't handle the ammount of traffic needed to keep her in the drunken stupor she requires. I'd have to change my mother fucking blog name to the "The Dutchess of Saggy Snatch".

    And well,...just...fuuuuck no.

  5. I love the new layout too! Have fun at your stampede sounds like a great hot mess of entertainment.

  6. Nice lay out. My page could use an up lift by I am a computer moron. You wouldn't catch me within 50 miles of that hillbilly heaven: but I'd like to vist your basement for a couple of hits.

  7. Love the new layout.. you are soooo talented... now.. get back to the damn street corner and put your talents to use!

  8. The new look is are seriously talented!