Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pimp Better Get Paid!

Yes... I have to do everything!

I'm pimping out these bitches because they are nagging and needy and fussy... and when they get whiney they just don't bring in the money.  No one wants a pouty whore!

So whether you like it or not... you're assignment is to go vote.

The Queen is dying to become THE FREAKIEST BLOGGER!  She's wanted it for years!  So make the old bitch happy then she'll shut up... for a minute!


And in case you are like me... and think she should drink more and whine less... you can also vote her  MOST OBNOXIOUS BLOGGER!

And yes... this involves signing up if you don't already have an account... but think of all your other blog-buddies you can impress by voting them sexiest, smartest, horniest, etc... or you can just poke fun of the bastards when they lose.

And I can't leave the ever whorish CB out... (because she bitches louder than Mom!)

So if you're going to all this trouble... vote for CB's nominations which include...
BEST RELIGION BLOG (this is a total joke and you so get bonus points if you vote for this one!)
HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER (which I'm only promoting because I refuse to put pictures of me up!  I'm sooooooo much hotter!)

And yes bitches... I totally ignored the BEST HUMOR BLOGGER... because you're both nominated and I refuse to pick sides!  Fight it out amongst yourselves!

But like I said... The Queen has been dying for this award... and she's never going to shut up about it.  So to prove that I am the BEST daughter... I refuse to post again until at least one person goes and votes for her!

I told you it was a frigging assignment!
Now do it... or we won't have recess, or blog posts, or any more fun because The Queen will be irritating me to death!

Oh. I will SOOO check your work and


  1. Let CB have BEST HUMOR BLOGGER. I have no desire for that one..I WANT FREAKIEST BLOGGER... IT'S MY BIG GOAL IN LIFE..

    Thanks baby girl... nother chalk mark on your side for pimpin me out..

  2. Nobody likes a pouty whore..........words of wisdom indeed

  3. I don't C.B, and Moms all seem pretty freaky to me. Must be a Kansas thing. OK I vote for Moms.

  4. Queenie- WOLF will ONLY vote for ME!!! We are secretly screwing on your couch every night!!! And I AM THE BEST GODDAMN DAUGHTER because I nominated your SKANK ASS!!!!

    Awww, Princess Slutty... I love your face!!! I KNOW you are the hottest, that is why I took away your 'Magic Mirror'!!!!

    Mike has apparently become a traitor and will be dealt with later!

    I'm GOOD with Best Humor Blog, although I would love to have the others too!

    SO help me God, if I win Best Religious Blog I will go crazy whores!

  5. Let me see if I have this right; Queenie wants the freakiest blog award, and CB wants funniest. How am I a traitor CB you do have the funniest blog!

  6. No... CB wants best Religious Blog... she's just too humble and pious to admit it to us. LMAO!!

  7. This is true.. she just called in sick from the street corner because she wasn't in first place for the religious blogger award.. I talked to her John and he got right on and voted for her... if a drunken john can do that in the middle of a "session" I certainly think our bloggers can do it in their spare time..