Thursday, June 3, 2010


I got my first 'official' blog award!

Oh, sure... the queen gave out awards a while back, but she was handing them out to everyone like methadone treatments, so yeah!  I took mine an ran before someone recognized my face!

But the skank-alicious bitch, CB actually designed one especially for me!

Tell me that doesn't just rock your socks off!?!

I'm totally flattered to get such a prestigious award from this tramp!

And to quote one of my favorite movie lines...And with that... I had to build an awards page...
"Since when is being a slut a crime in this family?" -- (Practical Magic)
so go check out my Pretty Wonderful Tits

And if you're in the market for killing time (or just bored to death)
go to Probably Wasting Time where you will find my favorite gaming addiction...
Granny Nanny should probably avoid that page for the sake of her sanity.


  1. Sanity left me a long time ago I think.....But I do love a good game of Goldminer....

  2. I heart you slut!

    I love your Pretty Wonderful Tits!!! God, we really should have been related!