Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T-Shirt Tuesday!

Everyone loves a good t-shirt, right? 
The classic comfort clothes. 
And I'm all about a t-shirt with a humorous phrase on it.
But skimming through t-shirt designs I began to wonder...
Do people actually buy some of the shirts? 
And if so...
Do they wear them?

Case in point...
(maybe you should think about it... because I can totally see your tampon string!)
(coincidentally that rhymes with SLEAZY!)

(Really?  I'd love to use it as a stupidity muffler!)
(it doesn't say you're a GOOD fuck!)

Are you kidding me?
Are you seriously that desperate, insecure, oblivious, whorish?!
I've got the perfect shirt to go with these...

I guess if you're going to the bars, it's nice to state the obvious
(in case you get too drunk to tell someone).
In that case, the next time I go out drinking I want a t-shirt that says this...

Oh... and while I'm at it...
Who else thinks CB should totally wear this shirt for her next V-blog?

I know, right!!!  SO HER!!!


  1. MOM!!!!!!

    QUIT PEEING on everything bitch! The Princess and I are tired of cleaning it up!!!! Damnit! How many time do I have to tell you whore????

    I NEEEEEEEED that shirt bitch! It is a necessity as of NOW!!!!

    I used to have a shirt that said 'I'm Easy' and YES as a matter of fact i DOES rhyme with SLEAZY!!! Perfect if you ask me, I'll pick you up one hoooker!!!

    I heart your face Slutty!

  2. MF - Really? Because I disturb myself.

    Queen - I buy you depends and buy you depends and all you do is piss on my floor!

    CB - I'll wear 'I'm Easy' if I can write 'But NOT Cheap' under it. In my next life I am so aiming for GOLD-DIGGER!!!

    As far as the f-bomb... which I knew you'd love...
    ...you'll have to want it more than me. It's been a slow week and I do NOT spend $19 on tank tops!!

  3. HAHA!!! Deal!

    You aim for gold digger, I'll aim to be the fortunate younger sister that the NEW PC takes care of!

  4. MOst fav shirt I ever owned...

    "I taught your boyfriend that thing you like" I wore it all the time when I knew my ex's girl might catch it.