Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a Multi-Personality type of day!

Mood #1 - Bitchy!

And it's not even the type of bitchy I could chalk up to PMS.  No... it's more of that "Oh, why don't you just fuck yourself?" bitchy.  You know the type... I'm actually in a good mood, I'm just not in the mood for certain things.  Like... idiots on Facebook whining about their shitty lives... or teenagers coo-cooing about their pathetic love lifes... or people bitching about homework, housework, childcare, etc.

So... I've pretty much ignored my Facebook front page today.  I kinda had to. 
The little imp on my shoulder was whispering "Tell the guy to kill himself and see if life gets better." 
Tell your cousin she's a fucking whore and if she had as many pricks sticking out of her as she had sticking in here, she'd look like a fucking cactus! 
Tell that random idiot to drop out, burn down the house, and sell the kids on eBay!

I'm pretty sure the 'bad voice' must have slipped a roofie to my 'good voice' because he was nowhere to be seen.  And, since I do draw the line at arson... I decided no facebook.  Which improved my mood remarkably.

Mood #2 - Spiteful

This, I blame mostly on genetics.  Curing the disease I call 'relatives' is something I'd really like to see our government put more research into. 

It's not really that they bother me... I've been 'disowned' as the 'bad seed' (I'm sure that's what they'd say)... so thankfully, I've at least found a treatment for the symptoms.  Unfortunately, the simple fact that I do have this disease starts to get to me sometimes.  I mean, these jackwads sit in their own little world all happy-go-fucky content. 

While I'm usually a 'do unto others' type of girl... I have moments where I'd love nothing more than to see the whole lot of them rotting of dysentery and consumption.  I try to be a compassionate person who can let by-gones be by-gones... but I really can't find even the most remote shred of humanity towards them.

Anyway... you get the picture.  I listened to some hate-mongering music on YouTube and got that funk out of my system.

Mood #3 - Solemn

Or nostalgic, or reminiscent, or just a bit sad.  I wanted this day to pass without any big fanfare.  Just one more day to think of him with a smile and cherish the time we had.  But of course, it really couldn't.  You can't have a life-altering loss and not remember the exact day... the exact time...

But, I refuse to let any day be a day of mourning.  It's just not in my nature.  (Funny how a negative, pessimistic teenager can turn into this philosophical optimist... I think they recalled my serial number and Mom forgot to get a refund).  So instead, I finally got my favorite pictures of Dad scanned to my computer.  And I put them together in a memorial video.

Now, before you watch it... please get The Queen some tissues because she's a total glutton for punishment and will watch it and bawl and love it and still bawl.

But seriously... there's something very important for you to know.  It could be the difference between life and death.

You very well might want to consider having earplugs handy...
or at least locate the mute button to your speakers... because...

...well...'s me singing...

And while I do not think I'd make the Blooper episode on Idol... it is possible that the sound of my voice might cause a severe aneurysm.  

Or since you never know what kind of trolls might visit you might like my voice and hate the song... or you might not like the echo... or you might hate that there's some 'noise'... or you just might be a dick who wants to pick apart the rhythm, tempo, or random typos...

In any case... I'm warning you.  The video contains quotes.  It contains pictures.  It contains me singing.  I am not a professional singer.  I have never had a single singing lesson in my life.  And I didn't sing it for you so if you don't like it you can stuff it.

(was that a bit of Mood #1 popping back?... oh well... you've been warned)

So without further ado...

I give you an auditory assault...

And Mood #4 - Content


  1. Crap... I had to stick depends in each eyeball.. ya little ass... this is awesome..

  2. What a nice and loving thought are with both you and the Queen

  3. Beautiful! Your quotes were so special and I copied a few of them.

    Thinking of you and The Queen...

  4. That was beautiful! I had to go get Kleenex. Big hugs to you and Queenie.

  5. Shit, fuck, damn. I couldnt see the video here at work.

    But I sooooo loved Mood 1&2.

    I have had those recently myself.

    You are AWESOME!

  6. Queen - Just don't forget to take them off your eyes this time. It's really embarassing when you go to the bank with depends on your face!

    Jo - Thank you

    Daffy - I love the quotes too. I found so many wonderful ones while making this.

    MommaFargo - Thank you

    SoccerMom - Well you've been spared my singing voice, but denied a look at a pretty handsome man. Thanks :D