Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tink (and The Queen) Visit

Our palace is graced with the presence of The Queen and her trusty dog (aka. Tripping Hazard with a Bionic Tongue) TINK!

That means that Prince Charming is packing his bags for the nearest halfway house to get away from the overwhelming amount of estrogen in his own home.  You thought The Queen was crazy in her own house all alone... you oughta be a fly on the wall when you get the two of us together... conversations take a turn for the worst.  We are a very sick and twisted duo... I'm very certain if we got along any better (or got any drunker) we could destroy the world with our evil plots.

Fortunately, for the sake of human existence... the powers that be have seen it fitting to distract us with two miniature beings from the bowels of Hades...

I don't really have words for it... so I'm providing you with visuals...

I always said as soon as we had a place of our own I was going to have myself a big dog.  I'm a total dog person and the last 5 years are the only time in my life I didn't have one... however...

This is just one more very good reason why we don't yet have one... (other reasons include: dog hair, dog poop, and the fact that the cats have threatened us with legal action).

I'm officially renaming The Queen's dog "Supercallafragileistic Chewbaca Tongues-a-Lot" in the hopes that both The Queen and the toddler will be unable to remember it.  Granted... the dog might be pretty confused as well... but then again, she's not really the brightest crayon!



    Amy - Thanks :D

    UPDATE: I must commend Tink for learning faster than the toddler.