Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If You Aint Dancin'

Get the FUCK off my dancefloor!!

I intend to spend my day off vegetating...
if my ass happens to merge with my couch...
sell my car and buy me a laptop!

Have a great day!!
(And P.S. if you're blogroll is malfunctioning like mine... The Queen has posted twice!  I wouldn't have known if she wasn't typing from my livingroom! Damn blogger!!)


  1. The whole damn internet is acting a fool tonight! Have a lovely (drunken) day off :)

  2. Drink it up girl! I haven't posted since Sunday because I have been enjoying the laziness now that the kids are in school. I REALLY need to post something though! LOL

  3. I try not to post every day. but i just have too much shit to say.

  4. her ass happened to merge with her couch...
    I sold her car and bought her a laptop.

  5. Oh I LOVE this song, it's one of my favorites. Totally brings me back!