Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I was cleaning out my computer yesterday and found all my old awards, blinkies and buttons.  Unfortunately for you, I'm too lazy to upload my animated badge today, so you'll just have to settle for the still life version!

On the plus side... it reminded me of WTF Wednesday!!

So here we go?

WTF is up with using the media as a scapegoat for bad parenting?

Watching the news with my FIL the other day I saw a clip about how smoking on the big screen is still influencing children to start smoking!!


Let me make this very clear...
  • JOE CAMEL did not jump off a page and hold a gun to my head to make me light up.  He didn't even whisper in my ear while he copped a feel!
  • 007 - Goldeneye did not warp my brain and make me want to snipe people off at random intervals.  Real live stupid people give me the urge though.
  • Clint Eastwood did not make me want to cuss like a sailor.
  • Sex Education did not turn me into a slut, and if they'd sold condoms in my school I'd have probably blown them up and tied them to the Principal's doorknob!
  • And the fact that The Queen was a bartender for years did not turn me into a bar-hopping-whore (nor is it the reason I fucking talk to much... contrary to my 2nd grade teacher's opinion!)
I SMOKE because I'm fucking stupid... and frankly, I'd quit if I didn't enjoy it so much.  It's relaxing... and despite the cost, it's cheaper than hiring a therapist to be on call every day!  I know the health risks... I knew them when I started... but it suits me!

The fact that some idiot in a suit has parents convinced that they need to be sissified pussies when it comes to raising their kids because they might do irreparable damage if they raise their voices (or God forbid their hands) to their 'precious' baby!

  • If I lipped off to my mother, she put me in my place!
  • If I lipped off to my father, he put me to work!
  • If I had ever disrespected a teacher, I'd have been scrubbing the school carpets with a toothbrush.
  • If I'd have came home with a C on my grades, I would have had my nose in a text book until it was up to a grade more suiting my capabilities.
  • If I came home drunk, my Dad turned my hangover into a hard day of slinging bales or branding calves.
  • If I'd have ever been in trouble with the law, my parents would have locked me up until I turned 30.
  • If I'd have ever skipped school, my mother would have drug my ass to the school and accompanied me to each of my classes in her nightgown and curlers!!
These things are the reason that I managed to make it through 18 years with only 2 vices (I smoked and cussed like a sailor).  But I didn't have so much as a parking ticket on my record and I had full-ride scholarships to any college of my choice. 

I'd say they did damn well considering the handful they were given.


WTF is up with disabilities being used to explain why your kid is an asshole?

I will not for one minute undermine anyone who has a TRUE disability.  But I'm telling you right now, I worked in special education for enough years to tell you there is a difference between a child with ADHD and a child who needs knocked into next Tuesday!  There is a difference between a child who truly suffers from Autism and a child who's parent's never took them off the tit long enough to think for themselves.  And there is a difference between the child who has a serious behavioral issue due to chemical imbalance and the child who has a behavioral issue due to a parental imbalance!!

I have seen children diagnosed with ADHD who would probably be able to function perfectly if they had some decent parents.  I've seen so many of these kids hyped up on Mountain Dew and Monster at 8AM with a honey bun in one hand and an iPod glued into their brain!!  Are you serious?  He can't seem to focus?  NO SHIT?!  Can't imagine why.  It's not a disease if I can take the sugar, caffeine, and distraction away and have them 100% functional by noon!!

Parents need to stop trying to be friends, buddies, pals.  Stop trying to compete for cool points.  Because frankly... to your kids, you're nothing more than another teenager who they have absolutely no respect for and don't listen to.  My parents were hard asses (never raised a hand, but hard asses no less).  And you know what?  My old classmates and friends still respect them and call them "Mom" and "Dad" after 10 years.  The rules were strict but they were always the same!

So to sum everything up...
Today is brought to you by...
WTF is Wrong with Parents?!?


  1. and that is the truth right there..

  2. THIS post needs to be added schools everywhere!
    I swear, the only reason I started smoking was so I would have something to do when we had to listen to those sex ed and drug abuse videos in school! I did it because I wanted to! I do have a child with disabilities and it pisses me off to no end how other parents abuse this! We are having to pay back 5000 to SSI because some political ass decided my daughter IS NOT disabled after all! Hello? She is deaf, she can't talk, she DOES have ADHD and has a small form of autism, yet this drug abuser can get SSI to sit at home and make more meth??!!!

    I agree with everything you posted! I heart you hoe!

  3. I'd give you a standing fucking ovation for this post, but I've fallen and can't get up. Good on you for posting this PK.

    I heart your skanky face

  4. Thank you for actually calling out the parents. I can't stand stupid ass parents sometimes

  5. I now have a new favorite blog... you had me at Ruby slippers and Flying monkeys (I have a bit of an Oz love...) I had to pick myself up to write this. Honest and on the money!

  6. I TOTALLY agree. Here's another one for you: WTF is up with ten year olds with fucking iPhones and Blackberries? Why do they need $600 cell phones, and who the hell are they calling anyway? Parents today piss me off. I applaud you.