Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Alive (barely)

Want to know what I've been doing since last Thursday?

Okay... so maybe that's a bit drastic.  My eyes aren't leaking and my nose has been limited to a slow drip.  It's not swine flu... but I'm not ruling out some strange zombie flu (since that's about how I felt).

I've seriously never had a 'bug' like this in my life.

The onset?  Thursday at 10AM - The biggest yawning fit I've ever had in my life.  I literally couldn't catch my breath.  It was just yawn after yawn until I felt like I was going to pass out from yawning.  And in case you think I'm over-exaggerating... the next day my ribs hurt like I'd had major coughing fits... only I hadn't coughed once!  The yawning fit was immediately followed by feverish chills and nausea.  I felt better after I ate and took some Tylenol at noon.  But by that evening I was literally shivering from the fever (which was only 100.5)

I had to work through 'til Saturday and by Sunday my muscles were so sore I could barely stand it.  By Monday/Tuesday my thigh muscles felt like someone had parked a car on top of them.

And just like that... Wednesday it was gone.  I felt great... a bit tired, but GREAT!  Today... my left sinus is acting up, but nothing major.

I've never had a cold that didn't make me feel sick.  My body felt like it'd been ran over by a herd of buffalo and my internal thermostat was swinging back and forth worse than a menopausal woman.  But I never really felt 'sick'.

With that being said...

Yes, Amy... I saw the gifts and I chuckled.  I promise I'll come back and leave a comment when I feel like spending a few more minutes at the computer.  (I'm stealing CB's shoes BTW!)

Yes Queen... I voted for you (when I wasn't trying to kick you out of my palace).  It's not my fault you didn't win... even sick I get the vote out when it's needed.

Yes CB... I saw you're on LAZIcation again!  So I'm jacking the shoes Amy (and Sir) gave you so I can make a few bucks on the street!

Yes Dutch... I saw you flashing your tits!  I've told you a hundred times that we get paid for that shit!  But since it's for a good cause, I guess we'll forgive you!


And YES... I saw the security team has been picked... and I DO have something to say about it... as well as some 'private' positions to hire out... but it's going to have to wait until my brain and body completely catch up to each other (doesn't Amy have a pill for this?)


And yes DONDA... I saw your posts... and... HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!  I DEFINATELY have something to say about that... but again... it's going to have to wait!


And yes... my dear READERS/READEES... I've been reading... I'm just not quite back to being me yet.

Provided I don't turn into a zombie by Tuesday (that's Day 13) then I think the coast is clear.

If my posts suddenly start making less sense than usual...



mumbama jsd... BRAINS!!!..... mraaaaawr!!!  NOM NOM!!  RAWRRRRRR!

You can presume I'm gone for good... or I'm watching Resident Evil and eating cheetos... it's kinda a toss up!


  1. Aww girl! I hope you feel better soon! We need you back in full force on the corners with us!

  2. Feel better soon. All of this sickness and vacations have the gin supply running short, dammit.

  3. Feel better does kinda sound like the flu. I got all my kids injected today so they don't get around all the little runny nosed crumbs at school and bring that shit home!

  4. That sucks. Planning on getting the flu shot?

  5. ugh i hate being sick!! i hope you feel better soon!!!