Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is it Saturday already?

After posting last week I seriously considered joining the Princess Protection Program.  It dawned on me after I published my post that I had not yet resolved my personal security concerns (Ariana didn't official start until Monday) and yet I had posted two posts with an anti-religious theme.

Was I concerned I'd lose readers?  Not really.  I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for something I'm not.  Was I worried I'd have to field a bunch of uncomfortable religious rants in the comments?  Again, not really.  I only engage in that sort of battle if there is some sort of amusement in it for me.  So what would make me so nervous I'd consider going underground?  I discovered my most popular search result is "Monkey Panties!"  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!  I don't even have words for what inspires such a search phrase.  Of course my mind is always so far in the gutter it'd take a deep sea fisherman to get it out, so you can imagine what 'type' of person I picture stumbling on my site.

Fortunately for you, when I sat down for an interview with the PPP I discovered that in exchange for my protection they would expect me to provide crucial information and private details about The Royals.  Yeah fucking right assholes!  Like I'd tell you where the bodies were hid or something!!! (not without amnesty that's for damn sure!)  I do NOT roll like that!  I may be a lot of things... but I'm no RAT!

And thankfully, Ariana accepted my security position and reported to work on Monday, thus easing some of my concerns.

So anyone who reads The Royals knows we're on a red alert rampage over the craptastical comment left on one of Momma Fargo's posts.  If you've been left out of that particular loop you're blind you can get the 4-1-1 over at The Queen's place.  She's got a link up for anyone who has something to say to the commenter "Annie".  And if you do nothing else this week... go over and show some love to Momma Fargo.  She's a great person going through a tough time and even though she's a big toughy herself... it's always nice to get a hug when the shit hits the fan.

As far as MY response to Annie?  It's not like me to sit back and quietly ignore a situation.  I'm far too opinionated for that.  However, I've read every response to date and I simply can't say it better than this:
KarmaChameleon (by Momma Fargo)
I Found Annie (by The Queen)
Somebody Will Be Shanked (by The Dutch)
Princess of CTS Has Spoken (by CB)
The Royals Have Been Called (by The Dame)
Allow Me To Psychoanalyze You (by Angel)
Don't Mess With Us (by Miss C)
for a full updated list or to link up your own response, hop on over to The Queen's place.
I simply cannot say anything that hasn't been said.  They've cussed.  They've poured out their hearts.  And they've broke out all the best PsyOps (which makes me totally jealous because that's usually my specialty).  So I'm going to express my opinion by giving you a rare glimpse of my beautiful, outspoken, obnoxious, and utterly amazing TERRORIST!

This one's for Annie! 
Jesus Loves You...
but even my 3-year-old
thinks you're a BITCH!
My sentiments exactly!



    And I am glad you have your own security. Especially with the beer tab crown around.

  2. That Annie bitch needs some serious ass kicking from your body guard.

  3. LMAO That ain't even right! That poor Annie is probably reading a blog now to find out how to self harm.

  4. FUUUUCK ME, I fucking LOVE the OC!!!!

    She is officially my hero! Don't tell #2... she's a mean little shit!

  5. OMG.. I laughed.. and it's only 7 thirty am..