Sunday, October 31, 2010


You all probably think I've abandoned the palace.  I realize I've only been posting little tidbits each week and this week I even missed that.  I assure you that things will get back to normal some small resemblance of sanity in the near future.  Right now, my job has me working long hours and by the time I get home all I want to do is vegetate and try to keep the Ogre Child from destroying the house or my sanity before bedtime (which is about 1am if you're curious).

It's not that I couldn't drop you a little note every once in a while... it's just that... well... there is nothing exciting to even makeup.  Unless you want to hear about how dirty a guest's toilet was, or how I slammed a door in a co-workers face because he admitted to staring at my ass while I was drying a bathtub (frankly that made my day because it's nice to know your ass still looks good in an ugly pair of slacks.)

But enough of that bullshit!  Let's get down to the heart of the matter.


A witch and her black kitty!
You'll notice (if you're not blind) I changed the layout today.  I meant to do it a couple of days ago, but frankly... it's been Halloween in this house for 3 days!  I have literally had time to walk in my door, get a kid ready, throw on some makeup and a dress, and walk back out the door to Trick-or-Treat with The Queen.

So you get the 'Holiday Header' a little late, and I'll probably leave it up for a little bit just to show off my hard work (and because I just can't get enough of Halloween!)

Friday night we hit our local mall for some 'safe' trick-or-treating fun.  It's been a tradition since the OC was born.  I never really liked the walk or the fact that you don't say 'trick-or-treat'... but it safe and fun to see all the costumes.

Yesterday we headed over to The Queen's village of employment for the OC's first haunted house and a delicious dinner.

And tonight we'll be headed out with Prince Charming for some more cavity inducing entertainment!

Mommy can be a real witch sometimes!
It's all in fun (and greed) because I love Halloween!  It's my FAVORITE holiday...

However, there are a few things I hate about Halloween...
Tweemps - teenagers dressed up in slutty costumes.  For that matter... the fact that almost every female costume is designed for hookers!
The post makeup breakout.  Yes!  I'll be stuck in my teens for my entire life, and even though I use mineral makeup and meticulously remove it with care, my face hates Halloween!
The fact that despite my artistic expertise, I have never been able to carve an awesome pumpkin... so I just leave them whole on my porch to look pretty through November.
And the #1 thing I don't like about Halloween... We have been BUSY!  For the last two days I've left for work at 8 AM.  When I get home, I grab the kid and we're gone until after 8 that night.  We drug our asses in exhausted both nights.  Unfortunately, during this time, my dishwasher, broom, and trashcan have all gone on strike.  The kitchen is disgusting, the OC's toys are everywhere, and she brought to my attention yesterday that she'd used her 'baby potty' to go poopy... I have no idea how long that's been sitting there, but when she opened the lid I about barfed!  So I'm off to do some semblance of cleaning before it's time to start getting ready tonight.
And in true Halloween tradition... I'm trick-or-treating at your place!!  You are required to leave me some comment candy or risk being 'tricked' as part of my revenge plot.  And while you might be able to keep an eye on me... or think I'll be too busy to get even... I have minions with evil plots just waiting to be brought to life!!  MUAHHAHAHAHA!! 

Just to help you out, I'll give you something to talk about...
  • Best thing about Halloween
  • Worst thing about Halloween
  • Favorite costume ever
  • Best Halloween 'prank' or 'devious act'
  • Best candy
  • Worst candy


  1. I HATE tootsie rolls! Oh, and pixie sticks!

  2. I'm with you on the tootsie rolls! YUCK! But I'm a glutton for a pixie stick! I know it's just sugar mix, but I love it. Of course I could probably just eat the koolaid mix in the cupboard, but that sounds disgusting! :D Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh puleeze, I don't need encouragement to talk. This is what I have to say: I think the witch and her kittie are adorable as heck! It was especially nice seeing the witch because I love seeing the face being the blog (I'm nosy like that).
    You are so lucky to have places to go and a reason to dress up. I tried like heck to get my girlfriend to dress up and go to the bar (yes, I was planning on wearing an exceedingly slutty costume, something like Little Red Riding Hoe or Slutty Nurse) but my friend declined my offer...imagine my surprise!
    Anyway, have a great Halloween night, and i hope you get some time to rest up so you can come and resume your princessly duties.

  4. PS: LOVE the Halloween header! You are very creative, despite you can't carve a pumpkin.
    Yes, do keep it up for a while so the rest of us who have to pay good money for new headers can come here and feel inferior :)
    It's terrific!

  5. My favorite candy is reeses! YUM! Worst candy is when the healthy people drop in box of raisins! WTH? I want some chocolate people!!

    You know why all those little teenie boppers are wearing hooker outfits?? Because they are trying hard to be like the Royals! They copy our look! Yet we look good and they look tacky!

  6. Best Thing: As a kid, roaming far and wide for hours and coming home with a pillowcase crammed w/ goodies. As a grownup, handing out candy to the tiny little ones...

    Worst Thing: When our house got egged by some moron friends of my then-stepson. Was so pissed the eggs almost cooked while I was wiping them off.

    Fave costume ever: Accident victim. Used rad makeup skillz we learned from doing Mock Disasters with Civil Defense.

    Best Prank: We used to have a "scream" doormat. Would shriek whenever someone stepped on it. Never missed hearing someone at the door. And I'm pretty sure it was my ex-wife that was the voice model.

    Best Candy: Snickers, Butterfingers, pretty much any chocolate bar-type candy. Also loved Milk Duds but we were required to split those with Dad. "The Milk Dud Tax", he called it. "Half of all Milk Duds go to The House."

    Worst Chocolate: Peppermint swirl candies. What, did the people steal them from a restaurant's bowl in the lobby?

    Happy Halloween. You both look adorable.

  7. My best halloween costume ever was my "mother from hell" costume. Just kept my jammies on, put on my hubbys terry cloth huge robe, put white makeup on my face to signify cold cream. put curlers in my hair, tied one of my daughters dolls around my ankle (to signify a kid always hanging around) and wore slippers. It was awesome!!!

  8. Best Candy...I'm a sucker for peanut M&M's and smarties

    Worst candy? I hate Laffy Taffy. Most viles shit ever!

    Best costume? road kill...I know, be jealous.

    Fuck the rest of the questions. I've had too much witches brew and the red letters on the blue backround is causing me to have a goddamn seizure. I do love the blue and the header, though. Vert cute witch and kitty too.

  9. You two are the most beautiful witch and kitty companion ever. Love the costumes!

  10. I agree the Tweemps. It's worse when the city is taken over by slutty everything, and whorish 20 somethings all over the place. xo