Monday, November 1, 2010

Creative Tease

You'd think I'd have slept last night... but NO!  Instead, after all the excitement of Halloween... I stayed up until 3am.  "Why?" you ask.  I was inspired!

I like my Spooky header so much I decided to get a jump start on the next seasonal change.  I know once the holidays start to sneak up on me I'll never have time and I'll be disgruntled that I didn't do it sooner.

So I spent a good 3 hours redesigning the original layout in a fall and winter theme.
(So in case you were worried, rest assured, I'll be around for a while...)

And while I will NOT show you the final projects... (what fun would it be if I spoiled the surprise for you?)
Being generous... and possibly tipsy... I'll give you a preview of them.

Fall Header Preview

Winter Header Preview
Now I don't make any promises of special "Holiday Editions" for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years (and you can totally forget about something special for those holidays I can't spell or pronounce)... but you never know when a creative streak might hit again.  Maybe you'll get lucky... you'll just have to keep reading me long enough to find out.


  1. Ok.. but please show mercy on the Queen and get rid of the red.. down here where it says.. monkeys said.. or some damn thing.. no really.. it burns.. please change the red to a different shade for Momma.. thanks

  2. Looking good! You are very talented, and a good writer to boot!