Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogger Brainstorm

I have a project for you...


is the personal abode of the Ogre Child
(minus some small furniture additions - vanity, storage, etc. - that have been added since the photo)
a rare glimpse of cleanliness!

If you cannot tell from this photo... IT IS HUGE!
This room is bigger than my master bedroom.
In total it's about 1/3 of our second floor which would make this room something like 400 square feet.  I do believe I've had apartments smaller than that!

"What," you ask, could YOU possibly do to help me with this?

I want to decorate it!

It's very 'clinical' and un-kid-friendly as far as my creative brain is concerned.

The O.C. would like her room to be PURPLE.

Now she might be thinking

But Mommy does have to look at the room so I'm thinking
(only more lilac)

And being the 'artistic' individual I have this uncontrollable urge to paint a mural in this room!

And therein lies my dilemma.

The O.C. is not exactly a girlie girl.  She likes kitties and dinosaurs and cars and blocks and rocks and getting messy.  She has a thousand dollies that just lay naked in a box while I trip over Lego's and breaking my neck on Hot Wheels every day!

So here's my ideas so far...

  • I want to paint something using just the purple with black and white details.  This thing is huge so I need to keep it simply on some level.
  • I want a lot of vertical elements (trees, floating things, etc.) so that it's not just a border around the room.
  • I want it to be something that will be 'neat' for a long time.  Like I don't want to paint this room again until she's a teenager and can do it herself!  LOL
  • I keep leaning to something Tim Burton-ish because... well... I'm twisted like that.  The problem is I've gotta knock the 'scare' factor down because she's THREE.  I don't want her creeped out so bad she won't play in there, but I still want that 'mature' cartoon effect so that it will grow with her.
  • I could also lean towards an Asian style of animation with the round 'Mario Brothers' trees and stuff.  I'm not really dead set on a theme yet.

What I will NOT do:
  • I won't turn this into a 'Disney' bedroom.  If that's what I was after I'd save my time and effort and just buy the decals to go on the walls.
  • I do NOT want a girlie girlie room.  I know The Queen has already said there has to be a 'castle' on the wall... but I know my daughter and she's NOT a girlie girl.  Much to the dismay of relatives she's not going to be the Girl Scout Ballet Princess.  She's more likely to be the Skate Park Karate Brat.

And if you can't tell by the neurotic rambling of this post... my mind just goes into overload each time I think about this.  I have so many ideas in my brain I can't even sort them out.

So... being the totally AWESOME bloggers that you are... I want ideas.  Even if you think I'll reject them.  Give them to me!  (I'll love them even if I don't use them).  And even if all you've got is something totally girlified... tell me.  Because one of my favorite ideas right now is pretty 'girlie' but I still might use it.  It just depends on what other inspirations I get.

In case you think I'm being lazy asking you all... I've just spent 3 evenings browsing decorating photos and deviantart pictures for ideas... I'm on creative overload.

Give me something to work with people!!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I think you can still put a castle, but make it more of a dark, dracula kind of castle. Not all princessey. It would rock, with some leafless trees. put some kind of a road leading to the castle with some cars on it since she likes that kind of stuff.

  2. I like your lilac idea. And you can get organizer baskets in her shade of purple with black and white to keep the room neat and tidy. Create an organized shelf area with colorful baskets. Ugh. I can't explain it right. Trees would be super fun only with a contemporary flair. You must show pics of your end result. It sounds like you are going to have fun.

  3. A gothic castle...a road with goth barbie driving a purple race car...flying monkeys from the wizard of oz...oohhh and for writing it should say above the mural: Because I said So!

  4. These are awesome Ideas.... I love goth barbie.. that cracked me up.. and of course the castle has to be creepy...goth..

  5. HEY! I have you back on my blogroll now!!! To me? With the length? It looks like a bowling lane. Just sayin'. The purple is cool! Think about the natural lighting and what color would help light the room during the day but also light well as needed with unnatural light.

    Dark purple, lilac and black trim? Retro/Modern flair? Put starts and a moon that glow in the dark but don't show during the day on the ceiling. (Hubby would never let me do that). And, then a sun that shows during the day but maybe is shadowed over during the night?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

  6. Three stick men with short hair and scissors.. I'm just saying..