Friday, November 5, 2010

Lamp Revamp!

One of the perks of working at a hotel is...


These lamp shades were bound for the dumpster because of the dents in the canvas.

Being the loving, caring, and compassionate person I am... I rescued them and brought them home.

I took one and removed all the cracked canvas.
With a little help from the PC to remove the old glue, I was left with one metal frame.

Now then.  Upstairs hiding in the corner of my loft office was UGLY LAMP.  There's always been something about this lamp I loved enough to make me hold on to it (though God only knows what that something was).

Isn't it just VILE?!?!

Yeah... I'm almost embarrassed to admit I've owned this lamp for more than 10 years!

And you should all remember the uniform fiasco which brought us the UGLY PANTS!!

Now you didn't really think I got those pants to wear did you?

No, I loved the fabric's pattern, but I had no intention of ever letting it touch my bare flesh again!

Instead... I rescued all three ugly items and turned them into THIS!!

If you look close you'll see in the reflection that I still need to add two sides to the lamp shade, but I'm pooped for tonight!

No more making up stories about how it's probably some Royal heirloom that is worth millions.
It is now a beautiful lamp that I can proudly display.

Final Cost
Shades.... FREE
Lamp.... FREE
Fabric... FREE
Paint... about 50 cents
Enamel... $1
TOTAL... $1.50
(Plus eight hours of my hard work)

Though it was probably more like $1 because half of the enamel got spilled...
on my white couch!

No worries on the couch... it's already stained, I keep a cover on it, and besides... the EX-husband bought it and I got it in the divorce and left him with a futon.


  1. You kept the lamp because we got it from Aunt Fudge's garage sale after she passed away. You loved it so Mitsy gave it to you. You've had it since you were in highschool.

    So, if the truth came out.. it is some royal heirloom...

    I love it.. it looks great..

  2. God you are so creative. And it looks awesome.

  3. Now we are going to be sneaking in to snag that sucker! It looks great! Such talent that needs to be brought to my house for an overhaul!

  4. I love the shade you made!
    Nicely done. Can't decide if I'm inspired by you or seething with jealousy.

  5. you know that lamp would TOTALLY match my house...throw the lamp in and I am totally going to Mexico with you for the winter!

  6. This talent is also accompanied by severe boredom onset. Which means 10 days later I have yet to finish the remaining two sides of the shade. Instead I've been decoration the O.C's bedroom while the lamp sits lonely in my livingroom!

    GEB - Ask me again when the snow starts to stick overnight. I'm sure I'll give the lamp up in a heartbeat for some sunshine!