Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kicking Off MY Weekend!

Yeah I know you're all a bunch of lucky bastards who get your weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But since I work in the hotel industry, I've traded TGIF for TGIM.  An agreement between myself and my super assures I have every Tuesday off.  I tell her it's because Prince Charming works that day (which is true) but in truth, I could probably work and still be home in time for him to leave for work.  Really, I just like having one day every week that I don't have to guess on.  Need to make an appointment 3 weeks from now?  Schedule it for Tuesday.  But mostly I just use it as a day to sleep in and vegetate as much as possible.

Lucky for you though... this week it's not just a lonely Tuesday off.  This week, I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off!!  Woohoo for my three day weekend!!

And in honor of my improv Holiday... you get the new fall layout!!

And... I'll let you see what kept me up until 3 AM last night.


I received this floral comforter from my favorite Aunt and Uncle when I married Sir Suckballs back in 2002.  It really was pretty eight years ago, but since then it has been terribly stained, and washed to a point of lumpiness.  The seams were starting to rip and the flowers had faded badly.

Now normally, the only hope this comforter would have left is as part of my emergency winter kit in the trunk of the car.  Luckily, 2 Christmases ago I bought myself a sewing machine on Black Friday... and then never took it out of the box.

It's not that I didn't want to use it, but at the time we lived in a tiny apartment with a toddler and nowhere to work on sewing.  Since our move into our new palace, I actually have space to sew, but never the time and inspiration at the same time.

Yesterday, I finally bought the thread for the machine and some pretty ribbon on sale for 50% off.

I came home, pulled out the machine and the ugly comforter.

I had some old black sheets that used to hang on my bedroom walls (my solution for color in an apartment where painting was forbidden) and went to work...

By the end of the night I had put together a small comforter, pillow case, and decorative pillow for the O.C.
Now I'm not nearly as talented at The Queen when it comes to sewing... plus I'm rusty... plus I really HATE pinning things... so my seams aren't exactly perfect but the only critic is a three-year-old who is just tickled pink by her new bedding.

The only bad thing is that now I've got an itch to sew random things.  And since I come from a long line of dumpster divers and recyclers... nothing in this house is safe!  ... well... Prince Charming's underwear are probably safe... but that's about it.

And while I have you here... see that AWESOME doll?  The Queen picked that up for The O.C. and I absolutely love it.  I've looked it over, googled it, and everything else I can think of to identify it.  It's definitely store bought and not homemade.  If you happen to recognize the doll I'd love to know what she is.


  1. Is she one of Strawberry Shortcakes friends?? I think The Man is going to be getting me a sewing machine so I can make my own slip covers for my camera strap!

  2. Sir Sucksballs...will you name my ex?! I really like that name and its way more creative than Thing1 which is the current title for him.

    I love getting that sewing itch. I think you did a fantastic job! KUDOS

  3. Jen - No, I don't think it is. That was my first guess but it just doesn't match up to anything.

    Daffy - It was either that or Mister Mamastit! It gets really colorful when I start talking about the ex-MIL. The sewing itch is great, except I was pretty serious about nothing being safe. The curtains are next!!