Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let Me Introduce Sybil

Anyone who REALLY knows me should know that I HATE DRAMA!!  I'm a 'life-is-too-short' type of girl and I simply do not have time for childish bullshit.  Luckily, when you grow up in a fucked up family like mine, you get used to the middle-school crapfest.  I happen to have been born with a special Charlie Brown mode which I activate at the first sign of idiocy.  From then on all I hear is WA-WAA-WA-WAA-WA-WA-WA-WAAA!  And it works well for awhile.  Unfortunately, on rare occasions, the stupidity factor is so high that the system goes into overload and must shut down for a total reboot.

When this happens, I am suddenly bombarded with the incredible FUCKTASTICNESS of an individual or group and I have no choice but to open my mouth.  Much like a Midwestern tornado, this moment strikes with little or no warning.  If the fucking siren is blaring in your head you should probably seek shelter in the nearest underground location or interior room of your house.

If you aren't hearing a siren right now...


Here comes Sybil!!!

Yes, that's me.  No, it wasn't Halloween.  Don't ask!

Ever heard the term
Let me enlighten you!

If you happen to let your foul-mouthed drunken wife get away with saying this:

The stench of your cunt disperses among the land like "skunk stink".
to any other living being... then you are GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

If your wife slips into a jealous rage and accuses random women online of this:
I like the "slut" in a women, but I don't understand a woman as yourself doin' "donkey acts" in Mexico, and , from what I gathered, you did it for free, and it was your idea.
You are a fucking idiot and GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

If you admit to having any sort of relationship with a creature who would say this:
Cave men would beat you over the head, not to take you home, they'd beat you " just for the "fun of it".
 to ANY woman!  You, my oblivious fucktard, are GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

If you defend, justify, or otherwise ENABLE your significant other to say things like this:
If I had one question to ask the "good" Lord above, it would not be about world peace, it would be'"why did you create someone as ugly as The Queen.
than you are just as bad as her and are GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

And if you do not step up and put a stop to another human being saying things like this:
If I were as ugly as you, I woulda done myself "in" a long time ago . . . Ever think of killing yourself?
then you are nothing more than a douchebag who gets their rocks off watching a bully in action... You are GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

It is NOT enough to say "I'm sorry for her actions".  It is NOT enough to meekly tell her to "Stop."  This sort of behavior is beyond the realms of reality.  This is the crap that drives teenage girls (and boys) to kill themselves and if you are standing idly by then your are just as responsible.

Maybe you think it's different because her words are directed at a 50-something woman.  But what if they weren't?  What if there was some 14-year-old girl on the other side of that blog?  What if the person she was directing her 'outburst' at was a little less rational?

Her behavior is WRONG on so many levels that I cannot even comprehend it.

You can scramble this shit up in your head all you want until you are whining like a bitch because it's UNFAIR to YOU.  But the idea that you have no control over your spouse because you're at work is a fucking cop-out.  If she was killing people while you were working would you help her hide the bodies?

And when the person she is attacking finally lashes out (at you BOTH) you don't get to come back and say, "But, but but but but... it's not my fault!"  BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!  Put a fucking leash on the bitch!  With that kind of personality, you might try a muzzle too!  And if that doesn't work, I hear euthanasia is painless!

Sure, you can hem and haw and say I'm in a tizzy because the fucking TWAT MUSCLE you're married to said this nasty shit about MY MOTHER!!  Not my blog-Mom... not my step-Mom... not my sorority Mom... my Real-Life-Squeezed-Me-Out-Screaming MOM!  So yeah... I'm a bit pissed off.  But I gave myself a couple days to cool off because I'm rational like that (and I thought I liked you)

No!  You don't get to tell the person who was verbally attacked that they need to stop.  No!  You don't get to point the finger back at them because they DISHED IT BACK!  No! No! No!

And you don't get to whine and try to make people feel sorry for YOU!  You married her!  You stay married!  You haven't called for an intervention (or an exorcism!).  YOU haven't INTERVENED!  That makes you a SPINELESS, TINY-BALLED, ENABLER who is


  1. That's the way to tell him. Good on ya.

    Love how you are sticking up for your mom!!!

  2. He's spineless and ball-less. Pure and simple.

  3. if that man's not shaking in his boots; he's an idiot!

  4. Ok well said. I do accept the blame. I was at work, she was super drunk. I am sorry. I am embarrassed.

  5. Really Mike,, and that's why my real name.. not my online name.. is plastered all over your blog.. because you accept the blame.. because you are sorry.. or because you are embarrassed?

  6. Great post! I'm here from The Queen's site. What total assholes! I think I hear "cyber-stalking" in the wind. Do these losers have no idea they're committing a crime? They go after the Queen, they go after us all! Spineless shits!

  7. The fuck?

    Goddamnit. I'm gone for a month and look at this crazy fucking bullshit. This is damn near enough to bring this Crazy Brunette back into the game.

    Fuck that shit.

    I love you bitch!

  8. Bravo!!! Great post!!

    Fuck Mike...with his wives dick!

  9. I'm glad you all enjoyed it...

    Except for Mike...

    I don't think he fucking got it at all!