Monday, November 15, 2010

Since We've Clearly Thrown CLASS Out the Fucking Window

Okay, some people choose to use their REAL names on blogs!

Want me to show you how fucking stupid that is?

One name, less than 10 minutes of my time, and I was able to do the following:
  • Access the facebook pages of the person, his wife, her son, and his daughter.  Due to their lack of using privacy settings, I was able to read the walls of everyone except the daughter.  Should I have chosen I could have jotted down/printed photos, current towns, interests, education, and other personal information about them.  And guess what?  Since it is open to the public on facebook, it is considered PUBLIC DOMAIN and I could do almost anything with the information.
  • Get a home address and phone number.
  • Stumble on some very interesting public records from 2006 and 2007.
Now, if I were a total fucking bitch, I'd make this blog a bit more interesting for my readers by publishing this shit.  But despite someone's total lack of manners and ethics, I can tell him to EAT SHIT AND DIE while still maintaining a certain level of class and dignity!

That's not to say I won't make a huge stink out of this shit if it doesn't come to a screeching fucking halt.  It's just to say...

Imagine how much information I could find if I was really putting forth an effort?

So here's a tip of my crown to anyone who WISELY chooses to remain ANONYMOUS on their blog. 

There really are some SICK FUCKS out there and it's scary what they can find out about you!!


  1. To anyone who got a sudden urge to back away from there computers for fear The Princess is a creepy stalker type... I assure you, my prowess at uncovering details is something I acquired for the sole purpose of researching my family tree... though I have considered using it to blackmail Johns when they start to get 'cheap'.

    If I really wanted to scare you I'd tell you how much I found out about my biological father with just a name and city!! But then you'd all vow to become hermits and disconnect your internet!

    It's very scary out there, please be safe!

  2. HA i like it when ppl do that... ironically google helped my gf and I find her little sisters rapist... not all bad.

  3. Remind me to always stay on your good side :)

  4. Eschelle - props to the wonders of the net! Great researching on your part!

    Dazee & Donda - no worries ladies... I generally reserve malicious research for biological family members... but I made a rare exception for this douchbag!

  5. Remember when you were a little girl and Your Momma warned you about the scary people out there.. The Royals... were who she was talking about.. we don't play nice with others when they fuck one of us over...

    Thank you for all of PWT's readers who popped over to my site to leave a note... you are too kind..
    Amanda.. I'll be your scary stalker any day.. just ask... hugs..

  6. I gotta fucking know what happen in 2006!

  7. Awww, really, Queen?! That's the sweetest thing ever!

  8. Well said. I have had scheduled posts all week and haven't had time to read. I had no idea WTF was going on. Asshole has pissed me off