Saturday, November 20, 2010

Royal Road Trip: Day 2

I don't know who in the hell thought it was a wise idea to wake me up at the ass crack of noon, but after I have a cigarette, some coffee, and find a pair of underwear, I'm going to kick their ass!!  And why the hell does this bus smell like urine and fruitcake?

Has anyone checked on the kids yet?

DUTCH!!  You really need to lock that stash box before you pass out!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA the pics are hilarious!

  2. ooops.. where is the damn Nanny?? More important... where the hell is my drink..

  3. See my baby trying to find the Southern Comfort in the back of the fridge? Damn nanny! I told her to keep it in front for them so they would be liquored up for the ride!