Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart Faces: Friday Fix It

Back in the day when I was more 'organized' in my blogging, I used to participate regularly in the wonderful I Heart Faces events.  Now days, the lack of a decent camera and the time to just 'play around' with edits has left me a quiet bystander in the events.

However, I'm feeling especially creative today (I might even break out the paints and canvas before it's over).  So I felt the urge to participate in the Friday Fix It.

I so enjoy turning photography into art, and hope you enjoy these beautiful edits.

The Original Photograph by Angie Arthur

Edit #1

Edit #2
Edit #3

If you enjoyed these, don't forget to check out the edits by Jen, my fellow Royal, over at Love Me Or Hate Me.

Also on the Royal Agenda, check out The Queen's announcement about the new Princess and if you haven't had your toddler chuckle for the day, check out the O.C.'s post from earlier this week.


  1. okay you need to teach me how to do all of this. I have a ton of pictures I would love to fancy up like that of my daughter!

  2. oh my, I can't even get started on another photo challenge thing. wait, wait.....maybe

  3. Nice thinking outside the box!

  4. Wow, that's amazing. I gotta pull my head out of my ass and learn how to do stuff like that.

  5. Wow! You are super creative! Very nice job.

  6. Speechless... I love it! I need to learn to do more with photoshop :| ...

  7. How come you got all the talent in the family? Alls I got was this super hot body. Kidding. About my body, not your talent. I love the photo to begin with, but the edits are beautiful.