Monday, February 28, 2011

Sexual HarASSment

Maybe I'm just a LAID back person. 
Maybe I'm just self-confident enough not to be threatened by words. 
Maybe I've just been closing down the bars since I was in diapers.
Or maybe I'm just a flirt myself.

Regardless of the reasons... I often wonder where the defining line is for sexual harassment.  I don't want to go out on a radical limb here and say there's no such thing.  I certainly believe that if you are being made to feel uncomfortable, you should be able to put a stop to it.  But for me, it's really hard to take this matter seriously (and that too may be the root of the problem).

I consider myself to be 100% faithful to P.C.  (Okay, lets be realistic here... it's probably more like 99.9% because you totally know that given the opportunity I would totally DO Gerald Butler, Russell Crowe or Meatloaf!)  But extreme fantasies aside, I'm faithful (enough) and I am confident that P.C. is equally committed (aside from Anna Paquin contract we have).  Again... maybe it is this 'security' that makes me overlook what others would be totally offended by.

So I submit for your review the following 'hypothetical' scenarios for your scrutiny.  I want your honest (even if you think you're being prudish) opinions.  Trust me, I'm not testing YOUR tolerance levels, I'm analyzing my own.  I'm just being self-analyzing my own twisted brain for my own entertainment.

So without further ado, do YOU think any of these scenarios CROSS THE LINE or all they all harmless?

1.  Your co-worker commonly refers to themself as a 'prostitute' and continually makes references about being naked.

2.  You are unwillingly given a detailed physical description of your co-workers overnight companion including enough sordid details to make the little man in your brain scream "FREAK!"

3. A married co-worker follows you down 3 floors and back up another 4 floors, while all the while trying to convince you that you should come over to their place for some 'fun' since 'the spouse' is out of town.

4. You say, "I don't know what's wrong with me, I guess I'm craving Mexican!" and your co-worker throws out his arms and says, "HERE I AM!"

5. After eating some food at work, you state "DELICIOUS!".  Two co-workers slyly pull you aside because they want to know which one of them you were saying was 'delicious'.

6. A stranger invites you up to his room for a 'few drinks' when you get off work.

7. You are forced to kick your co-worker out of the area you are working in because they won't stop ADMITTEDLY staring at your ass and commenting!

8. Your co-worker repeatedly tries to persuade you to dump your current partner for them.

9.  When you comment on your dream of winning the lottery, you co-worker asks if you'll take them with you.  They volunteer to clean your house or be your love slave in return.

10. Your co-worker tells you they love you enough to clean up puke for you, but not enough to get puked on for you!
And for an added bonus, I'll throw in one 'physical' scenario out of curiosity.

11. Your coworker fiercely runs their nails down your back and tells you to go home and tell your spouse, "That is how you do it right!"

C'mon readers... I know this should sparks some commentary from you... so let's hear what you have to say.  Assume the coworkers are all people you've known for 6 months or more and that you genuinely like them (even if you think their behavior is inappropriate).  I promise to entertain you with my opinions of each scenario in the near future!


  1. omg, wow. where do I begin.
    1. That sounds like playful banter to me.
    2. There again, I think it depends on how well you and co-worker get along.
    3. That one would totally weird me out and I would have to go to management about that one.
    4. That's funny
    5. A little bit on the weird side. If they would have just asked then and there together, not management telling material.
    6. No, Nada, weird. Stay away will rogers
    7. As long as no touching, that's ok.
    8. That coworker must think highly of himself.
    9. haha, that one is kind of funny
    10. That one is just way to kinky and gross.
    11. Management material. If there is unwanted touching going on, then that is all sorts of wrong.

    And there you have it. my answers. Now I have to go wash my eyes out.

  2. Most of these just sound yucky. I only see a few as sexual harassment. I enjoy some verbal fooling around but it is obvious to the parties involved that playing is all that's going on. Likein my case, I told a guy at work that I dreampt about him and he asked, "Was I good?" That's how I roll.

  3. 4-8-and 11 ARE OVER THE FUCKING LINE.. the rest of them could be just in fun.. but.. 4-8-and 11 can and will cause a problem at some point. And that is coming from your mother..who will tolerate about anything.. but.. 4-8-and 11 PISS ME OFF.. Now,, I have to go find your Auntie.

  4. I agree with Queenie! Some of this are just silly but some are like get away you creepy creepy person!

  5. UM!! NOPE...I think I may be just as sick as would just laugh at these things...but does that mean that others wont or shouldn’t think that its harassment? Don’t know...I guess it depends on your security and your confidence...I don’t let things like this intimidate me at all...I laugh and thrown one right back at them!! Damn, I love that you are like this because that lets me know I am not the only one...hahahaahaha (evil laugh)

  6. 4, 5, 8 and 9 Are funny and in good humor
    1, 2, 6 and 10 are odd but not sexual harassment in my book.
    3, 7 and 11 cross the line!

  7. 1. Pshaw...I call lots of my peeps hookers, why would I care if they call themselves a prostitute? AND, unless they want to "show and tell" of their nakedness, (because that us crossing the line) I could give a shit what they say.

    2. If the little man in my head is screaming anything, I've got way more problems than hearing about said co-workers sexcapades.

    3. I'm fucking irresistable. He can't help himself. Nothing an accidental kick in the face while he's following me up the stairs won't fix.


    5. Again, they can't help themselves. Everybody wants me (fuck, now Billy Squire is singing in my head) Nothing a special brownie couldn't fix.

    6. *yawn*

    7. I can't stop looking at my ass, why should I expect others to? Nothing that taking off the butt shaper spanks can't take care of. Fuck, after that, they'd run screaming away.

    8. Have you tasted my brownies? Everyone that eats them wants me to dump my current partner and come live with them.

    9. They had me at "clean my house".

    10. I may have to bitch slap this one.

    11. If you sneek up behind me, I'm not responsible for the ninja ass whipping you're going to get.

  8. I don't find any of those scenarios harassing. I guess it would depend on the frequency but still I think it would just be annoying and not breaking the law. I would get drunk and call #3's wife and if I win the powerball tomorrow night can you give me #9's contact info??

  9. Dork number 3 goes to far. Off with his head. bwah ha ha.

  10. to, two, too, whatever. Too many heads is what I'm thinking