Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Your Title?

It has come to my attention, that amongst the Royal Family, there has been a terrible oversight...

We have

Our probie... The DAME

And that sore thumb... Crazy Brunette!!

That, my dear readers, is simply not a fitting title for royalty!!  I mean, we might as well call her The Red-Headed Step-Child, if we're just going to leave it at that!!

Now, I'm not proposing any changes to her blog title or what we affectionately call the bitch.  But I definately think she needs a royal title to use at her leisure!

I certainly have no plans associating with some common 'Crazy Brunette' at the Grand Ball!  Hell NO!  That's some peasant shit right there!!  True, I'm just a down-home redneck at heart, but you think I want anyone calling me "Bubba" when I'm having tea with the Lords and Ladies?  Ummmm... not so much.

So, while I'm going to share a couple of my brilliant ideas with you... I'm going to leave it up to discussion.  And frankly, it's going to be left up to CB.  (Unlike Amy, who must simply accept The Queen's decree and thus the title offered to her.)

So without further ado... here are my ideas:

The Baroness of Boobies
The Empress of Erotica
The Countessa of Crazy

Feel free to weigh in on which of my choices you like... or take a gamble and throw out one of your own to see what CB thinks.


  1. LMAO!
    I love all of those.
    Here are a couple as well:
    The Countessa of Cussing
    The Empress of Evil Ways
    The Baroness of Bitching

  2. HA! I'm loving the Contessa of Crazy. Should be interesting as to what the other two come up with. I can't wait!

  3. You be damn careful what you call my daughter.. I'm thinking....

    The Princess of Prostitution

  4. You are absolutely right, this is a problem that needs to be recified! I love Contessa of Crazy.

  5. Damn I most definately think you should go with "The Empress of Erotica"!

    That is totally kickass!

    Cause do you really want to be called CRAZY?

  6. Queen has, DD to go with my DTs, PWT to go with my STDs , and PPP to go with my AAA. I'm thinking I need POP (Princess of Porn) to go with my Crown. get it.. ha ha..

  7. wait!wait! Everyone stand back! I got it!!

    The Princess of Prim and Proper!!!


  8. You go! Change her name! Maybe she should be SINderella.

  9. Princess of Prim and Proper made me pee and snort giggle snot at the same time..

  10. Fuuuuck me!

    I JUST posted about the Dutchess...

    I'm loving the Countessa of Crazy!!!

    I shall post about it tomorrow!!!! Put it up for a vote over there!!!

    Any other suggestions??? I love you hooker!